Learn How To Manage Diabetes in Dogs (Videos)

Diabetic dogs can generally be managed very effectively with a combination of diet and insulin therapy. … Clinical signs associated with diabetes include increased thirst, increased volume and frequency of urination, increased appetite accompanied by weight loss and glucose (sugar) in urine.

The most effective way in regulating your diabetic is to use a monitor and do testing at home.  Monitors are often for sale for a relatively low cost. They require a test strip that is good for only one use.  There are some monitors available now that require an extremely small droplet of blood.

These videos below explain how to manage diabetes in your dog.

Managing diabetes is as much (or more) about the food as it is the insulin. So many vets just give insulin and attempt to adjust that to what the dog is being fed. If the dog is given a low carbohydrate food, just like when humans change their diets for diabetes, then the dog (and the human) will require less insulin and be more stable. You have to remember the vet gets more money the more insulin you have to buy from them. It is far healthier to change the dog’s diet and thereby reduce the need for so much insulin. Also, vets don’t usually tell you that on dogs (not recommended on humans!) you can use those needles more than once.

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